Other Businesses

Prabhatam Infrastructure Company engaged in global projects. We are the promoters and developers of world class group housing projects, integrated townships, shopping malls and multiplexes, self contained corporate plazas, residential condominium, boutique hotels and luxury resorts, Wi-fi savvy Software and Technology Parks

Prabhatam Agrofresh is a revolutionary
thought that focuses on the concept of tech-
based, sustainable Farm Management
Practices that are holistic, sustainable, eco-
friendly, and ensures higher yield. Technology
coupled with our farm management skills makes
this concept unique in the country and this gives
us an additional edge.
That technology is at the core, modern artificial
intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) tools
are used extensively, one example is that it will
help predict crop diseases for better control and
predictability of the crop and ensures higher
yield. The practice ensures improved yield
per hectare and better quality of produce.