Prabhatam Advertising

Prabhatam Advertising is a big idea generator offering 360 degree multi media solutions under one umbrella. Prabhatam has the cherry - pickes Print, Electronic, OOH, Internet Media and Brand Equity Management.
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Sadhna News Network

As the promoters od Sadhna TV Network, Prabhatam Group has developed and Nutured Electronics Media business with its dedicated satellite TV channel with a receptive and captive viewership.
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Sadhna Spritual

Sadhna Bhakti is TV Channel that clearly belives in spreading the frangrance of India's rich cultral ethos from a plethora of vibrant panorama that touches heart and soul of not only the senior citizens
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Prabhatam Aviation

Prabhatam Aviation is a world - class helicopter charter service provider major, having its own fleet of advanced helicopters flying Pilgrims and Tourists, Corporate Mughals and Business Barons, Celebrities and
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Prabhatam ISPAT

In order to tap the reservoir of mineral wealth embedded in earth, Prabhatam ISPAT has been vigorously engaged in mining of iron ore, manganese and limestone.
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Prabhatam Anti Radiation Solution

Prabhatam group has taken up an ambitious 'Healthcare Venture' to offer integrated Electro- Magnetic Radiation (EMR) safety solutions through a wide range of products like High-tech Mobile Chips,
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Home Shop Bazaar

Home Shopping Bazaar is a Teleshopping venture of Prabhatam Group where live product demos of leading consumer brands and services are promoted through frontline TV channels and Newspapers
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Esha Herbal Life Science Ltd.

Ayurvedic Healing Medicines for the Mankind. Ayurveda has been the biggest gift of nature to the entire humanity, as early as the dawn of civilization. Ayurveda and Herbal Healing Powers have proven that
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Xs - Bikes

Prabhatam's Trendies Eco-Tech Venture.At Prabhatam Group, we are zooming ahead with future beyond Eco-friendly, world-class, battery operated Xs Bikes which are custom built to perfection,

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Chairman's Profile
All great journeys start with a small step taken forward in the right direction. It is a proven fact that when times can tough, the tough get going…
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Director's Profile

The spirit of enterprise and endurance has constantly instilled the new age media baron Mayank Gupta, Director, Prabhatam Group to weave a trail of new dreams on the futuristic digital media marketing platforms.

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CEO Message
Dear Associates,

Corporate Diversity. Global Business Convergence. Vibrant & Versatile Verticals & above all, the unrivalled professional

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Global Vision
The dawn of new horizon and new heights.

Prabhatam Group demonstrates global vision that believes in diversified expansion with modernization and commitmnet, for a brighter tomorrow.

Today, Prabhatam Group has become a synonym of corporate diversity with verticals as varied as Media, Aviation, Mining, Anti-Radiation and Real Estate.

Think Prabhatam -Your runway of Unprecedented growth, commitment, integrity and professional services.

Media Panorma
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Prabhatam Project Launch Radiation Safety Solutions
Sadhna Aashirwad Samaroh
Forthcoming Projects Prabhatam Residency, Pitampur, Indore