Sadhna Bhakti is TV Channel that clearly belives in spreading the frangrance of India's rich cultral ethos from a plethora of vibrant panorama that touches heart and soul of not only the senior citizens but also the bold and beautiful, rich and the famous, young and the go-getters of today and tomorrow's society.

Sadhna Bhakti is going global at a local scale by reaching out to over 250 countries worldwide including U.S. and U.K. Our core bed-rock of creative programming encompasses Ayurveda, Yoga, Vastu Shashtra, Feng-shui and Pilgrimage Tourism besides highlighting the cosmopolitan culture.

We bring religious gurus, pandits from various beliefs together in one platform to show us the righteous path of enlightment. it is a trail blazer as it touches the heart and soul of both classes and masses.


The world of Prabhatam Advertising is all about innovations and changing brand perspective with its bouquet of 360 degree multimedia salvos. At Prabhatam Advertising, we don't just witness change in public perception for products and corporate identities, but really make it happen, across the board in print, broadcast, OOH, digital, virtual and social media generating adequate media hype with big ideas and big dreams.

With over four decades of hardcore business experience, the success legacy of Shri Dinesh Gupta has made Prabhatam Group grown by leaps and bounds, the groan is engage in media and advertising, aviation, infrastructure & Real estate.

As the flagship vertical of Prabhatam Group, Prabhatam Advertising has launched and ambitious project â€" Prabhatam DAWN which is the digital Advertising wireless network having a vast sanctuary of LED screens and LED video walls dazzling with inescapable, innovative and impactful OOH media inventory of unipoles, billboards, bus shelters, backlit metro display panels and airport signages countrywide.

Multimedia ownership is the forte, giving leverage in advertising arena with optimum media savings and OTS bench marks, having best in class media mileage.


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